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Skins Condoms - Flavoured Condoms


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packs: Bubblegum 4 Pack

  • Bubblegum 4 Pack
  • Bubblegum Flavoured Condoms 12 Pack
  • Black Chocolate 4 Pack Euro 1
  • Black Choc 4 Pack
  • Black Chocolate 12 Pack International 1
  • Black Choc 12 Pack
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Key Features

  • 4 Pack of Bubblegum-flavoured Condoms - Suitable for Oral Sex.
  • Transparent and lubricated, for effortless insertion and a real-feel penetration.
  • No unpleasant latex smell and safe to be used with extra lube.
  • Contains Natural Latex Rubber - elastic and long-lasting, comfortable fit.
  • Extra lubricated - super comfy, offering a better protection.


4 Pack of Skins Condoms in Blow Me Bubblegum Flavour!
Give them a POP of excitement with the tantalising scent of fruity bubblegum. The high-grade latex is infused with the scent of bubblegum, for a long lasting and delightful scent that adds a new sensation to sex.
Skins condoms are strong, and thinner and more lubricated than most condoms. This means they feel like a second skin and are less likely to split. Skins are not only the best for sensation and pleasure but also one of the safest condoms on the market.






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