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i'm in my 50's now,i have treacher…

i'm in my 50's now,i have treacher collins syndrome.i've been with one woman in my life who i married and it lasted 14 months,WHY OH WHY did i not buy one of these dolls OH SO MANY YEARS AGO ????...i know it said heavy,and yeeesh she is !,took me nearly half an hour or so to go up 2 flights of stairs,BUT and i say BUT again,lucidtoys a massive thankyou,totally love her.And the customer service is 2nd to none,i phoned them tonight 'cos i had some items which came with her and i didn't know what they were/or how to use them and (i wish i could remember his name,he was fab)but he was so great and friendly and informative.and i gotta mention Sue too who was fab too.thank you lucidtoys,i wish you one and all a HAPPY NEW YEAR xx

- guy

The whole order process was smooth

The whole order process was smooth. I have ordered on Sunday evening, Monday afternoon got a phone call from Lucidtoys confirming the order. Not even an hour later I received an email confirming the order was shipped, including tracking number. And I received the package on Friday the very same week. Everything well packaged and without any issues. Thank you.

- Malaki

Neodoll dorris

This is my first doll, very much bought on impulse after a few drinks and a debate on why it's only women who get the cool toys. On delivery I was surprised how heavy she is, difficult to find help to get someone for a lift up the stairs! I would advise a fireman's lift which is fun in itself. Skin texture is realistic enough, bit firmer but still nice to cuddle up to. Arms and legs articulate well for whatever position you fancy at the time for anal, doggy or just submissive, feels very realistic. Things I don't like?... hair is too long, I'll definitely get a shorter wig, gets everywhere and think about somewhere you can put her for storage (wardrobe etc) bearing in mind the weight. Very happy with Dorris, she lies in bed all day so very realistic! I talk to her now .... Oh dear

- Pete