Bringing some fun in your sex life, the adult toys’ popularity has been constantly growing over the past few years. Couples or single individuals who are tired of the same sexual routine tend to explore the variety of toys available on the market, to get some fast and effortless Ooh’s and Ahh’s.
However, fun sex isn’t about what you use, it’s about how you use it, so Lucidtoys has created a list of the most amazing places where you can use a sex toy, besides your bedroom.

1. In The Shower

Here, at Lucidtoys, we offer an entire range of waterproof toys, starting with dildos and continuing with anal plugs, battery-powered and magnetic vibrators. Take the masturbation to a whole new level, using your favourite toy in the shower. Most of the dildos are equipped with a suction cup base, perfect to be attached to a flat surface, such as the shower walls or bathroom tiles.

For example, the Neojoy’s 7 Inch Undercover Lover is a waterproof realistic dildo, with a strong suction base and a beautifully shaped shaft, perfect to be used under the water. Stick it on a tile to use it for anal or vaginal penetration and blow off some steam.

2. In The Bathtub

Stuck your suction cup dildo to the side of your bathtub. Let the hot water relax your muscles, while the dildo will slowly penetrate you, for a deep, intense climax. Light up some candles, to get yourself in the best mood, play some music and let the toy fill you up.

If you’re looking for something stronger than the regular penetration, you can always use a waterproof vibrator, such as the magnetic rechargeable Neojoy G-Spot Vibrator - it features 12 vibration modes and a generous insertable length (19cm). The best part of using a toy in the bathtub is that you don’t even need lube anymore, so help yourself get turned on before going all the way in.

3. In The Kitchen

Like mentioned before, the suction base can be used in so many fun ways. Have you ever tried sticking it to a kitchen chair and riding it shamelessly? If not, what are you waiting for?

Make sure you’re home alone, though, so you can be entirely relaxed, and use as much lube as your body requires.

This position can be suitable for both anal or vaginal play.

4. In Public

There are many toys that are small and silent enough to be used in public. Our favourite one is the Leaf Vibrator, a silicone-made toy ergonomically shaped to fit into your knickers. It comes with a remote control, so you can change the speeds and patterns without anyone noticing you’re wearing it.

If you like experimenting, you can try wearing a small vibrating butt plug while doing your mundane activities - many anal play lovers have tried this and the excitement you’ll feel for using a sex toy in public will increase overall pleasure.

The Beaded Prostate Massager from Neojoy is one of the toys that can stimulate you even without vibrating. One of our customers claims that, when using it, the beads were massaging rectum while he was walking, creating an amazing and stimulating friction.

5. In The Car

Yes, the car is also a public place and you need to make sure your car is parked in a safe place, hidden from the eyes of curious people. You can use any toy you like in the car, from tiny bullets to large dildos.

However, we do recommend you to keep a vibrating bullet in your glove compartment, so whenever you’re back from a stressful day at work, it can help you calm down and relax.

The Controlled Vibes bullet is one of the toys you can easily use while driving. You can keep one bullet for internal stimulation and one for clitoral massage and you can select the perfect speed and pattern for you, with the simple-to-use remote controller.

Let us know what other places have you used a toy before and what places you’d like to try!