How to Masturbate?

It is frequently said that 80% of male stroke off; we trust the staying 20% haven't found it yet. Without a doubt, the demonstration of masturbation is exceptionally normal and is a theme young men generously talk about. As adolescents, at whatever point we had an oopsy-daisy, we would run to the closest latrine or private room and we jolted off. Stressed our folks would be at the opposite end of the entryway tuning in, or most exceedingly terrible, aimlessly burst into our room, we needed to discharge in the briefest time conceivable. Masturbation was dependably a race against time.

Quick forward a couple of years to adulthood. We currently live in our own place — or possibly figured out how to bolt our entryways — which gives us the opportunity to enjoy the demonstration. We have additionally found the strategy of not hurrying the strokes and not jerk off as though we were attempting to yank our privates out.


For girls, getting in the mood and stimulating themselves involves so many simultaneous actions, when guys can achieve hard-ons only by watching some porn. However, for those who aren't exactly big fans of pornographic material (yes, there are men who aren't interested in that), a quick way to get your sword ready for "battle" is by adding a few drops of lube in the palm of your hand and slowly start stroking your buddy. Gentle motions are required - you can squeeze or apply a slight pressure on different areas of your shaft, to see what feels better, you can experiment different positions (you might feel silly if you're going from the regular lying on your back to kneeling or lying on the side while jerking off, but you might find that the different sensations are helping you reach an orgasm faster.



Try to forget what you used to think about the five-minute masturbation sessions, especially when you wanna get the most out of the self-stimulation. For increased stamina and strong orgasms, the cum-control method is your answer. We know how this may sound, but it's been proven to be the most efficient method. Stroke your dong in a specific rhythm, set yourself up for a climax and once you feel you are going to shoot all your load, stop. Remove your hands from your throbbing body part and keep them far away from it until your penis goes back into the limp state.

Unless your name is on the list of the top 50 Worldwide Bachelors or you're on the cover of the People's Magazine for the Sexiest Man Alive, you might struggle with countless sexless days - especially when you're single. So what can you do when the urges are present and you need to keep them under control? You get some extra help from a male masturbator.

Suitably named fleshlights — no, it is anything but a convenient light — these sex toys are there to rescue all the single lads. Basically a hand-held gadget, the highest point of these sex toys is the fact that they are moulded to look and feel like a vagina. Sliding your erect penis into the opening additionally stimulates your nerves, and you will in a split second feel as though you were inside a real woman's love openings.

Did you know? Numerous porn stars have their very own line of fleshlights, which are formed out of their pussies. It's nearly as though you're doing her! Get a couple for yourself now!

Our recommendation: The Double Mouth Pocket Pussy from Neojoy - Dual fun provided by a single toy.

For those who are ready for something bigger, better and more realistic, feel free to try a realistic masturbator - love dolls are extremely popular among the male sex toys lovers, due to their life-like design, large sizes and variety of uses.

When you're into doggy style, cowgirl, planking or simply hands-free penetration and you're looking for a way to get something that's closer to a real woman's body, a love doll is the best solution.

Our recommendation: Katarina from Neojoy - a true work of art, with a solid internal structure, two perfectly sized boobs and delicious tunnels, for anal and vaginal penetration.

Check our Top 5 Sex Dolls page and find the one that suits you the most.