How to use a sex doll ?

When we think about a sex doll, most of us end up imagining a blow-up doll that we saw a few times in some erotic movie or at someone’s place. However, the market of the sex dolls has grown to a level which is quite unimaginable. We all know that technology has changed a lot in the last few decades and the manufacturing of almost every product in the market has become different and more realistic. The same has happened with the sex dolls. Nowadays you can choose a sex doll of different shapes, sizes, gender, ethnicity, color and even get it customized as well.

Why sex dolls?

There are times when you are living apart from your partner or sadly going through a breakup, however, there is no reason to shelf your sex life when there is a synthetic partner to live your wild fantasies. These Neojoy real sex dolls are far safer than having sex with multiple partners who may pass on sexually transmitted infections (STIs) They can certainly become a positive and healthy way to explore sexuality. These sex dolls never say NO and there is no emotional baggage that goes along with having a girlfriend or wife.

Top Tips when Buying a Sex Doll

What is the cost of real dolls? If you are looking for the ultimate play partner, you need to take into account, three vital points like funds, the size of the doll and their material. There are low-end and cheaper ones like blow up dolls, PVC solid dolls made of foam and there are high-end ones made of silicone and TPE polymers. While silicone dolls are more realistic, TPE ones are more affordable and softer to touch and feel.

Why would someone buy a sex doll ?


Companionship is not limited to the emotional bonding with a person. Your long-term partner might be in some other city, state or even another country. Also, in case you are single for a very long time, the need for companionship and physical intimacy can increase to a level where it is hard to control. Neojoy sex dolls can help you relieve your stress.


Neojoy sex dolls are also a great gift for your single friend or family member. In case you want to have some fun while watching an unexpected family member getting shocked with your choice, sex doll is the perfect gift.


Are you looking for someone who can stay with you in a room full of kinky stuff? Neojoy sex dolls can be there for you in all circumstances. With the advancements in the development of these dolls, you can actually get exactly what you want from them and that too at a very affordable price.

How to maintain a sex doll?

Taking care of your Neojoy sex doll is very important. In case you have sex with the doll, make sure to clean it after every intercourse. If you are using it just for cuddling, wash it every 2-3 days to make sure it lasts for a long period of time.

Storing Sex Dolls

You should always store the Neojoy sex dolls in cool places, where light and temperature are moderate. You should not store Silicone and TPE dolls with their limbs bent or folded