Everything began from Doll House168. In the early time, they are a sexdoll design company. By 2015, they decided to take the experience accumulated over many years of designing dolls as the basis to move to the next level and transform into making TPE lovedolls as the manufacturer.

Since then, Doll House 168 became an sexdoll brand. Later, they have successively produced more dolls with different characteristics and named them with Dollforever, Piperdoll.

Piperdoll Best Sex Dolls :

Akira Big Breast - 150cm

Chisti Big Breast - 165cm

Miyuki -160cm            

Celia - 155cm    

What Makes Piperdoll Special :

They can confidently say that it is because of three points: high quality, original design, and excellent service.

For Piperdoll, the biggest feature is the head and neck are seamless, that means there’s no crack on the neck which makes dolls look like more real. there are many height options for customer to choose. From 80cm to 170cm.

Piper Doll is a brand of realistic dolls in TPE launched in 2017. They are designed by Taiwanese designer and photographer Mizuwali and manufactured in China by Doll Forever.

Piper Doll’s neck is seamlessly attached to the body, providing a boost of realism that no other doll brand can offer at the moment.

Piper Doll Videos:

Piper Doll TPE skin is renowned for its good quality, ultra-softness and it is odorless.

The articulated metal skeleton with a crouching position makes it possible to display your real love doll in a standing and squatting position.

By choosing this last generation skeleton, you will be able to envisage many sexual positions without difficulty.