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JY is a relatively new brand producing hyper realistic sex dolls they manufacture at Dongguan Junying Plastic Product Factory.

Based in Dongguan City in Guangdong, China, JY launched in 2016.

We take TPE sex dolls to the next level by offering dolls made with different types of TPE (a type of plastic with elasticity) so that customers can choose the skin feel and body movement of their love doll. Dolls made with Jelly TPE are ultra-soft and ideal for shaking and slapping with a maximal visual and movement effect.

Who We Are


Jy Dolls are a leading supplier of TPE sex dolls based in China.

JY dolls are made from top quality TPE material that is both durable and realistic to the touch. As well as being durable and realistic, TPE sex dolls are also flexible to manoeuvre into any sex posistion that you desire.

All JY dolls feature vagina, anus and mouth openings that are all easy to clean and take care of. JY dolls are well built and sturdy due to the metal skeleton so you have peace of mind knowing the product is top quality and won’t break.

Our Specialty


Any JY doll you choose has a steel skeleton strong enough to make the doll durable and firm, but flexible enough for realistic posing and sex positions.

Coupled with the guaranteed high-quality TPE, the result is a long-lasting doll with unbeatable value for your money. JY has a very sexy lineup of models and there's something for everyone.

Each is made with fine attention to detail for stunning realism.

Our Mission

Our mission is to offer every man, woman, and other sexes a chance to make their fantasies real and have sex on their terms, whenever they want, as often they want. We believe that every person on earth deserves to experience realistic sexual experiences and pleasure regardless of having a real partner.

Factory Video

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