High Quality Vibrating Wand at unbeatable prices from Lucidtoys.co.uk.

Your body needs the Magic touch of a vibrating wand. Rechargeable or battery powered, all our wands are made from Hypoallergenic Silicone, for a smooth and gentle stimulation. Massage your Clitoris, gently penetrate your vagina or simply use the wand as a full body massager. Check our small versions, lightweight and travel-friendly.

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It's really hard to choose just one vibrator when they all look and feel amazing. Do you want a bit of external fun? Are you looking for something to stimulate your G-Spot? Are you ready to enjoy the magic of double orgasms and deep penetration? Lucidtoys has something for everyone! This is why we picked our top 10 best vibrators - to make things easier for you.

Bringing some fun in your sex life, the adult toys’ popularity has been constantly growing over the past few years. Couples or single individuals who are tired of the same sexual routine tend to explore the variety of toys available on the market, to get some fast and effortless Ooh’s and Ahh’s.

Using a vibrator when you're used with only the "manual stimulation" is like changing from driving a manual to an automatic car: you do not have to work too hard, therefore you'll be able to relax and enjoy the entire ride to the max.