Explore our G-Spot Vibrators

In order to achieve a G-spot orgasm, your vaginal inner front wall needs to be firmly pressed and stroked repeatedly.

Explore your G-spot and achieve the most intense g-spot orgasms. Perfectly shaped to hit your sweetest spots, the G-Vibe Toys range from Neojoy provide you with strong and powerful vibrations, increasing your chances to hit impressive climaxes.

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It's really hard to choose just one vibrator when they all look and feel amazing. Do you want a bit of external fun? Are you looking for something to stimulate your G-Spot? Are you ready to enjoy the magic of double orgasms and deep penetration? Lucidtoys has something for everyone! This is why we picked our top 10 best vibrators - to make things easier for you.

There are so many! Pink ones, blue ones, huge ones, tiny ones, ones with rabbits and butterflies and faces, ones that are shaped like rocket ships and alien probes… it’s like you've dropped into some topsy-turvy Sci-fi world for adults. How can you choose? What are all these? Will you like them? How will you know?

Many consider vibrators something which ought to be hidden away in a drawer and just used once you're all alone. But adding a vibrator to couple sex instead of using it only for solo play can really turn up the heat in a relationship, and contrary to popular belief, it's not simply the woman who gets pleasure from using a vibrator in the bedroom. Here are our 4 ways to use a vibrator!