Image Check Your Order

Image Check Order Service

Lucidtoys is the biggest distributor of sex dolls in the UK. From our experience we have discovered that many customers want the images of their dolls before we dispatch it to check it matches their expectations or the supplier photos. This assures your happy with the doll you have purchased and we know you are getting what you want.

Unfortunately many customers have abused this service by ordering and cancelling multiple times once we send images. For example we had a customer who would order a doll and cancel as soon as we sent the images - 14 times within a week. As you can image, the labor costs and warehousing required to fulfil this is high with dealing with customers who are not genuine.

Thus we have created a new service called "Image Check Your Order" which benefits the customer and allows us to supply genuine customers.

Get Real Images Of Your Doll Order Before Dispatch

  • Get Real Images Of Your Doll Order Before Dispatch For £35
  • Confirm Your Happy With Your Doll Images To Go Ahead With Dispatch (We will then credit back the £35).
  • Cancel Your Order If You Are Not Happy With Your Doll. You can use the £35 against a future order.
  • Get the doll you want without worrying about what you will get.

Fast Service - We Aim For A Maximum 24hr Working Day Turnaround To Get The Order & confirmation to dispatch or cancel. (Depending on how fast the customer responds).

When Ordering A Doll - Follow the Steps Below:

1. Add "Image Check Your Order Service" To Your Order

Purchase this service by adding this item to your order:

Image Check Your Order Service

The cost of this service is £35. Once we received this service with your doll order, our warehouse team will prepare images for your inspection to confirm.

2. We Will Pack Your Order & Send You Your Images

We will pack your order and send you your actual doll to check for you to approve for dispatch. We will email you and wait for your confirmation.

We will send an email with a google folder with the doll images for you to check. Simply click on the google folder link in the email to see your doll.


3. Confirm You Are Happy With Your Images

Once you send your confirmation that you are happy with the doll, then we will dispatch it for you.

Just email us back that you are happy for us to dispatch the doll for you.

We will then credit back the £35 for the service.

PLEASE NOTE: Due to this service, we may not be able to dispatch your doll on the same day as we need to send images and wait for confirmation.

Example: If you purchase your doll at 11am and we send your images at 2pm and get a confirmation that you are happy for us to dispatch the doll at 3pm, then we may not have time to dispatch it on the day. Some couriers have cut off times when they come to collect our packages. We will send any packages the next working day.  

4. What If You Are Not Happy With Your Images?

Some customers find that a doll may not meet their expectations or does not quite look like the supplier photos. If you are not happy with the doll images, then you can cancel the order and we will give you a refund for the doll. We will then use the image service payment to credit your account with £35 which you can use against a purchase of an item. (Not another image service).

5. Adjusting The Doll Based On Your Images

Some customers want to adjust there order once they see the images. Example they want to have a different body or head. We are more then happy to do this for you and send images again for approval. Once approved, we can dispatch the doll for you. Any extra additional adjustments may incur a further £35 cost which is on a case by case basis.