Sexy Marelil's New Video Sex Doll Torso

New Video of Mareli

Check out Avery from the Allure range. She has a better reward plan than any credit card! Treat her the way you like, and receive constant hot sex doll loving! That’s right – She is an Exclusive and incredibly realistic-feeling TPE love doll torso. Built to please you as nothing else can. Her skin feels super soft and inviting. Once you touch her, prepared to be blown away!


Manufactured BY 6YE

The Allure Neodoll range is exclusively manufactured by 6YE. 6YE is one of the major pioneers in the sex doll industry producing premium quality love dolls. 6YE specializes in various physical dolls models, from muscle dolls to petite dolls. They are known for their high-quality products and a wide range of selections.