Ian C.

Brackley, England

"Never did I think a Doll, even a torso could look so real, albeit a little cold, but after holding her, Eden warmed nicely. Thought she might smell due the build material, only very slightly, with her skin feeling so nice & the hair (as pictured) suits her so well, making her look even more exotic! If, like me you have movement issues & are concerned with the heavy, almost real weight of other real dolls on offer, then try a torso doll instead? As soon as the head is on (easy) then wig (excellent quality & fitting), then you touch her, the lack of arms & legs to pose you almost forget about, just relax, treat her as you would if ever such a gorgeous looking girl would want us that close lol & let things happen & you'll struggle to believe that later you haven't been with a albeit a quiet, real person, yes, Eden for me was that special. At 65cm tall, which for most guys is from your mouth to her 'somewhere special' then these are just idea. Her head moves nicely especially if you want to look at her ... and don't get me started on her amazingly beautiful eyes! Thanks to the nice guy in support, allowing me to pay a little extra for a Saturday delivery - had one of the nicest weekends with Eden, at a great one-off price! These creations have been truly quality dolls made with love & care with the end user in mind, she is so good I've just ordered another one before writing this! A much shorter review will follow soon for 'Callie' and when in stock again a 'Mccartney' head :-)"