Welcome to Irontech Dolls, Based in Shenzhen , we are premium manufacturer of authentic luxury sex dolls. Irontech Dolls was founded in 2014.

A creative and enthusiastic design and sculpture team constitute the core of Irontech doll. Each doll is exquisitely polished by our craftsman team.

Further more, we have a serious quality checking team consist of 2 engineer for technical issues and 4 assistants for normal quality checking. None imperfection tolerance makes each doll from Iron Tech like Iron, simple but faultless.


To provide doll with best cost performance so that all doll lovers are possibly enabled to have their dream lovers. Creative hot design, unbeatable quality and impeccable craftsmanship is our pursuit.

What Makes us unique:

1. Sustainable beauty creation makes us enjoy great popularity among customers.

2. Serious quality control system makes each doll from Iron Tech much more durable and better functional compared with other doll producer.

3. Irontechdolls have been sold worldwide with the partnership from the local sellers worldwide. We have received great feedbacks for the products and services.

4. Irontechdoll puts his business partner and customers to the priority.With this guideline, Irontechdoll keeps an ear to all the customers, business partners and other experienced users in the indulstr

5. Based on this, Iron Tech Doll grows better and better.

6.Our wish is to serve doll lovers around the world with our artful creation.


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