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What you need to know before buying a doll

We know that before ending up on this website, you might’ve checked other sellers and you’re wondering why our dolls’ prices are lower. We’re here to help you understand what you need to take into consideration when purchasing a doll.

Where are we dispatching our dolls from?

Based in Oxford, our warehouse is the “home” of over 100 sex dolls, which means that we can process your order straight away and get it dispatched the same working day (for the orders placed before 3 pm), so you can receive your new doll the next working day.

Dolls inspection Process

Check the entire process of inspecting the dolls - handled in our UK warehouse. Keep in mind that every doll is checked prior to dispatching.

Fast Delivery Service

Our dolls are being dispatched via DPD - a service that allows you to receive the items the next working day after placing the order.
Learn more about the benefits of using DPD as our main delivery service provider.