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Spankers and Tickler guides

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Spankers and ticklers belong in the range of the BDSM. They can both be used both gently and harder. But one after another…

1. Spanker

A spanker or a tickler in the bedroom ... is that something for me? Here we explain why you might want to try it.

Pleasure and pain are often close together. The brain processes both feelings in the same region, and sometimes the same stimulus triggers pain but enhances pleasure when exercised in a lighter form.

2. What is a tickler?

As the name suggests, it is an object made of feathers, which is suitable for tickling. It’s not only useful for tickling, but rather for stroking and stimulating the whole body. Although it is located in the Bondage segment with us, it is a tool rather intended for soft stimulation. A tickler consists of soft springs which are attached to a rod. It is versatile and fits perfectly into your romantic love game. A sex toy for beginners or couples who are looking for external stimulation.

How do I use a tickler?

The tickler is used in different ways. Most couples use it in the prelude to stimulate the whole body and to relax by its beneficial effect. If you like it a little harder, you can also use it as a soft percussion instrument. The springs are firmly attached to the rod - so do not worry.

A tickler can also be used for role-playing games. For example, for the maid who is surprised when cleaning. Your imagination knows no limits!

Which ticklers are suitable for me and what should I consider?

Depending on the occasion for which you plan the use of the tickler you can choose from different colours, shapes and materials. Our ticklers are light and handy. They are easy to stow away and to take along when travelling. Always keep it in a dust-proof place.