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Penis Pump

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How does it work?

Penis pumps work by creating a vacuum inside a cylinder. The air is drawn out of the chamber, causing the penis to swell and allowing more blood to flow to the area.

How to use Male Pumps?

Penis pump may seem a little awkward for the first time using, but it is a simple device to operate.


  1. Start by placing the tube over your penis, it might be a good idea to use lube to avoid any irritation while using the penis pump.

  1. Turn on the penis pump if it is battery powered or use the hand pump to start removing the air from the tube. The change in air pressure will start engorging the blood vessels in your penis. It won't take long to for you to get an erection, this normally takes a few mins and you have your erection.

  2. You can now remove the tube using the release air pressure valve. To engage in foreplay or intercourse.

    At this stage it is optional if you wish to put on a cock ring as this will give you a longer erection by constriction the block in the penis.

Are there benefits of penis pump?

Penis pumps are a great tool for getting erections for many users, the duration of your erection depends on each person it is said to be around 30 mins and in some cases even longer if used with Cock Rings. It can be used prior to foreplay or used prior to intercourse.

They are a great tool for those with medical condition Erectile Dysfunction (ED) as penis pumps, in the long run, are cheaper than medical treatments because it can be used more than once without any recurring cost. Or can be used with current ED pills or other treatments without additional risk, so get yours from lucidtoys.

Erectile dysfunction (ED) affects about 40 percent of men age 40 and older

What are the risks of using penis pump?

When used correctly there are few risks when using penis pumps. It can be used as many times your body responds to treatment. Some men can use it multiple times in a day where others less often.

It is important to read the lucidtoys instructions that come with your penis pump, this will give you better directions on how to use the pump correctly. Too much air pressure in the tube could cause injury to your penis, also there is a chance of mild bleeding under the surface of your skin. That can leave small red spots or petechiae on your penis. There should never be any pain or discomfort when using a penis pump. If there is, you must stop immediately.

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